Why iikoshop Left Etsy for New Horizons

Why iikoshop Left Etsy for New Horizons

Our journey from Etsy's cozy corner to our vibrant standalone platform wasn't just a move; it was a leap towards authenticity and personalized connections.

Etsy: A Changing Landscape

Starting on Etsy, a sanctuary for creators like me, was a dream. Yet, as iikoshop blossomed, the influx of mass-produced items and a shift from the platform's handmade roots made it tough for genuine artists to shine. Policies favoring volume over uniqueness diluted the community spirit that once defined Etsy.

Emphasizing Value Over Cost

Despite iikoshop's success on Etsy, rising fees and constant pressure to upsell conflicted with our commitment to fairness. Unwilling to burden our Pack Members with extra costs, we chose to leave a platform that felt increasingly controlling. Our goal remains to keep iikoshop affordable and high-quality, ensuring it stays accessible to all.

A Personal Touch

At iikoshop, we believe in more than just transactions; we're building a community. The move from Etsy was driven by our desire to foster a deeper sense of belonging among our customers, whom we see as integral members of the Good Bois Pack. It's about creating a shared space where every interaction is infused with attention and care, truly reflecting the spirit of our pack.

Embracing a New Chapter

This transition is about growing on our terms, cherishing quality over quantity, and prioritizing you, our Pack Members. While Etsy gave us wings, it's time for iikoshop to soar on its own.

Our transition from Etsy is not merely a platform shift; it's a bold statement of our unwavering commitment to our craft, our cherished Good Bois Pack, and the values that define iikoshop. This move marks a new chapter in our journey, one where we can fully embrace innovation, authenticity, and the communal spirit that brings us all together.

For those interested in understanding the broader challenges faced by artists on platforms like Etsy, we recommend diving into this insightful article that sheds light on the subject. It offers a comprehensive look at the experiences that resonate with many in our community.

About the Author/Doodler

I'm iiko, the creative one-person force behind iikoshop, specializing in unique and playful dog-centric enamel pins. Passionate about great design, I've crafted a range of products that have resonated worldwide, selling over 2000 items to diverse customers who cherish a mix of quirky and heartwarming creativity.

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