A brave and hungry Chicken

A brave and hungry Chicken

In this month's Pup Spotlight, we have the pleasure of introducing a delightful duo whose bond exemplifies the heartwarming companionship that defines the canine-human connection. Meet Nami and her beloved pup, Chicken, whose infectious charm and unwavering affection have brought immeasurable joy to their family's lives.

Reflecting on her cherished relationship with Chicken, Nami shares:

Chicken has always been such a good girl. Anxious ball of fur but very caring and affectionate! She helped bring my family together, she’s the baby of the family. Everyday I think of coming back home to her for warm cuddles 🥰

If Chicken could vocalize her thoughts, her catchphrase would undoubtedly revolve around her undying love for food, echoing the sentiment that "Food is life!" Yes, here at iikoshop, we agree that nothing beats a full belly. Here's to more excellent meals with loved ones!

Feeling inspired by Chicken's story? We invite you to share your own tales of cherished companionship with us here for a chance to be featured in our next Pup Spotlight.

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