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Fatboy's on the scene!

In this month's Pup Spotlight, we are thrilled to introduce a truly remarkable companion who has brought comfort and joy to all fortunate enough to meet him. Nicole, drawn to the artistry and variety of Good Bois at iikoshop, shares the heartwarming story of Fatboy, a dog who has become an integral part of her life and the lives of many others.


Nicole shares her thoughts:

Albeit I am biased. I do believe he is the greatest teacher of how to love unconditionally. He draws both people and other pets in like they’ve been friends forever.

I used to manage a small counseling office where Fatboy would join me daily. Our clients found his presence to be comforting, leaving them feeling lighter prior to their appointment. He knows when he is needed and does what he can to accommodate. He’s just so fantastic at being loveable!

Fatboy's knack for providing comfort and companionship, particularly in the sensitive environment of a counseling office, underscores his remarkable character and the intuitive nature of dogs. His calming presence serves as a gentle reminder of the pure joys and unconditional love that pets bring into our lives, illuminating the days of many.


As April progresses, let's embrace the lessons of love and companionship that Fatboy exemplifies, and share those positive vibes with those around us.

Feeling moved by Fatboy's story? We'd love to hear about the special companion in your life. Share your stories with us for a chance to be featured in our next Pup Spotlight here.

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