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Say 'hi' to Lola “The Speck” Montez!

Hello, dear friends and fellow Pack Members!

I'm thrilled to introduce a brand-new feature on our blog, the "Pup Spotlight," where we celebrate the joy and companionship that our furry friends bring into our lives. In our very first edition, we're shining the spotlight on an incredibly special little lady, Lola “The Speck” Montez.

Lindsay, Lola's loving owner, shared with us the adorable and heartwarming story of how Lola first came into her life:

When I first picked up Lola it was the middle of winter, so I was decked out in a big winter jacket. Lola is a Pomeranian, so as a puppy, she was very small, just 3 pounds! Well driving home, I had put her in a soft dog carrier bag with the top unzipped.

She was so excited to be with me, she jumped out of the carrier, jumped over the console of my car, and into my lap. She then proceeded to crawl in my jacket to keep warm. Then she somehow crawled INTO MY JACKET SLEEVE While I was wearing the jacket!

Lol I had to pull my car over to get her out so I could drive. She has been the most perfect addition to my life.

Isn't that the sweetest?

Lindsay's first Good Boi pin was Death, a perfect fit for this spooky ensemble. A heartfelt thank you to Lindsay for opening up and sharing her delightful experiences with Lola.


Show that bone who's boss, Lola!


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