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Magellan waddles into our hearts

As May unfolds its blossoms and warmth, it's a time for reminiscing on cherished moments and celebrating the bonds that shape our lives. In the spirit of this vibrant month, we delve into a heartwarming tale shared by Kiki, a story of love, companionship, and the profound impact of a furry friend.

Reflecting on her cherished bond with Magellan, Kiki shares:

Magellan came into life in 2012, it was just two days before my birthday and my husband and my mom and I were out grabbing groceries and a man and his son were selling a two month old puppy in the parking lot.

That’s the day my life changed, I named him Magellan after one of my favorite penguins (Magellanic Penguins) he was with me through getting married, rough pregnancies, my mom’s cancer and so many more rough moments as well as the good ones.

He passed away September 22nd, 2023 my husband and I’s 11th wedding anniversary. I’ve been completed devastated since then, but thankful to have met my soulmate pup who guided me through life and taught me it was ok to slow down and take care of myself sometimes too which is hard to do with anxiety.

He was my emotional support through and through and I know as he guided me through our time together he will always continue to be by my side in spirit.

If Magellan could speak, his catchphrase would echo the sentiment of cherishing every moment: "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away (cherish all your memories)." Through his presence, Magellan exemplified the enduring power of love and companionship, leaving a forever mark on Kiki's heart even beyond his physical presence.


Feeling inspired by Magellan's story? We invite you to share your own tales of cherished companionship with us here for a chance to be featured in our next Pup Spotlight. 

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