Who's a Good Boi?

Est. 2020

iikoshop specializes in dog-related pins and accessories, each inspired by the love and bond shared with our canine friends.

On the left: Kiki. Below: Sammy.

A Welcome from the Creator


I'm iiko from iikoshop, best known for my 'Good Bois' pin series. This entire endeavor is a tribute to Kiki, my West Highland Terrier, who was my loyal companion for 14 incredible years. The name "iiko" draws inspiration from the Japanese term for a "good" pet and reflects the joy and companionship Kiki brought into my life.

Many have chosen Good Boi pins as special gifts for their loved ones, commemorating occasions from birthdays to graduations. Often, these pins serve as a memento for a cherished family member. It's a honor to know my creations hold a place in such significant moments.

Raised in the Midwest, I now reside in Texas with my husband and our pup, Sammy. Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to leave a message below.


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